Alternative to external traders

In connection with the tourist season, City Hall started suppressing illegal external trading and dismantling unauthorized odd buildings existing in the city.
In exchange, external traders will be able to carry out their activities in well-arranged and properly equipped trading areas, which were allocated for them by JSC “Metro Avrasya Georgia” for the symbolic price.


To ensure above mentioned, Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Batumi City Hall and JSC “Metro Avrasya Georgia”. In accordance to the memorandum, while taking the actions prescribed by the law against illegal external trading existing in the city, arbitrarily restricting public places and odd buildings placed without permission, City Hall will describe data about all external traders and offer them alternative space on the territory of market in Gogoli #1.


JSC “Metro Avrasya Georgia”, in its own way, provides 130 well-arranged shopping carts and if necessary, 40 closed booths for symbolic price – monthly 1 Gel for each place. If there is no need to allocate closed booths, it will be possible to allocate additional 60 trading carts. Relevant agreement will be formed with external traders. Above mention price includes utility fees as well.

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